Data to Dome Workshop @ Colgate University

October 18th & 19th, 2019    

A Collaboration Between

International Planetarium Society (IPS)

Colgate University Libraries

South Africa's Department of Science and Innovation & National Research Foundation

The Iziko Planetarium

International Planetarium Society


Information Technology Services

Workshop Organizers


Planetarium Data Workshop Committee

  • Dr. Lucia Marchetti (University of Cape Town)

  • Prof. Tom Jarrett (University of Cape Town)

  • Mark SubbaRao (Adler Planetarium)

Workshop Science Committee from Colgate University

  • Santiago Juarez (Sociology and Anthropology)

  • Mike Loranty (Geography Department)

  • Joe Levy (Geology Department)

  • Howard Powell (Information Technology Services)

Local Conference Planning Committee

  • Heidi Ziemer (Colgate University Library)

  • Wendy Falls (Colgate University Library

  • Diane Janney (Physics & Astronomy)


This workshop is the culmination of a year-long collaboration between the Ho Tung Visualization Lab, the University Libraries, South Africa's Department of Science and Innovation and National Research Foundation, the Iziko Planetarium, and the International Planetarium Society. 

At the workshop, planetarium professionals, faculty from multiple disciplines,  and visualization experts will come together to collaborate and discuss  data visualizations for the immersive setting of the planetarium. All participants will engage in hands-on workshops to learn how to create stunning visualizations from research data for interactive use.  Follow along at #DataToDome