Data to Dome Workshop @ Colgate University
Oct 18, 2019, 12:00 PM
Ho Science Center
The International Planetarium Society and Colgate University invite you to participate in the Data to Dome Workshop to be held October 18th to 20th at the Ho Tung Visualization Lab on the Colgate University campus.

Keynote Speaker - Alli Torban

My mission is to help you be a more effective analyst, journalist or artist by providing actionable data visualization tips & insights.

My background is in Mathematics & Geospatial Intelligence, and I've spent the past decade working as an analyst, software tester and technical product manager in the D.C.-Metro area. 

I started the podcast and my courses because I want to help you achieve your data viz goals while also honing my skills!

Please reach out if you're interested in collaborating or just want to say hi. I'd love to hear from you! My portfolio.


International Planetarium Society (IPS)

Colgate University

University of Cape Town

Iziko Planetarium Research Consortium


The Data to Dome workshop, organized by the Ho Tung Visualization Lab at Colgate University, the University of Cape Town and Iziko Planetarium Research Consortium, and the International Planetarium Society will be held October 18 - 20, 2019 in Hamilton, NY on the Colgate University campus.  This workshop will bring together planetarium professionals, faculty from multiple disciplines,  and visualization experts to collaborate on big data for the immersive visualization setting of the planetarium."

All participant will participate in hands-on workshops to learn how to create stunning visualizations from research data for interactive use.  There is limited space, so be sure to reserve your spot soon.


Lampert Institute @ Colgate University

International Planetarium Society

Evans & Sutherland (tentative)

Division of Natural Science & Mathematics - Colgate

Ho Tung Visualization Laboratory

Information Technology Services

Colgate University Physics & Astronomy Department

Event Organizers


  • Joshua Finnell (Colgate University Library) 

  • Joe Eakin (Ho Tung Visualization Lab @ Colgate University)

Planetarium Data Workshop Committee

  • Dr. Lucia Marchetti (University of Cape Town)

  • Prof. Tom Jarrett (University of Cape Town)

  • Mark SubbaRao (Adler Planetarium)

Workshop Science Committee from Colgate University

  • Jeff Bary (Physics & Astronomy)

  • Mike Loranty (Geography Department)

  • Joe Levy (Geology Department)

  • Howard Powell (Information Technology Services)

  • Andy Pattison (Environmental Studies)

Local Conference Planning Committee

  • Heidi Ziemer (Colgate University Library)

  • Wendy Falls (Colgate University Library

  • Diane Janney (Physics & Astronomy)


The bulk of the event will be a series of workshops geared toward demonstrating use cases of the Data to Dome standard and giving workshop participants the basic tools they need to implement Data to Dome in their own workflows. 


The precise content of each of these workshops, as well as the overall schedule, is still being planned, but this website will be updated once the information has been finalized.